Terrorists Preparing to Use Chemical Weapons Against Children in Syria – MoD

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the White Helmets, together with terrorists, have chosen 22 families with children, as well as orphans kidnapped from refugee camps to participate in their staged filming.

“Terrorists from a group calling itself Tanzim Ḥurras ad-Din* [The Guardians of Religion Organization] are engaged in the direct preparation of sites for the detonation of containers loaded with poisonous substances during the shooting of a video about ‘chemical attacks’,” the Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation reported.

As the center reported, the terrorists are preparing to actually use chlorine-based poison substances against the participants of the shooting, in order to then blame the Syrian army for the chemical attack.

According to the Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation, the terrorists have selected 22 children with parents from Aleppo to participate in the staged attack.

“22 children with their parents from… Aleppo province were selected by militants for the participation in the staged chemical attack. Another group, of orphans abducted from refugee camps, intended for the shooting of the lethal scenes, is now held in… the Iqab prison, controlled by the Nusra Front terrorists,” the center said.

As the center noted, a number of Middle Eastern news sources and one US broadcaster have shot nine scenes of the staged chemical attack.

“According to the irrefutable information of the Russian Center…

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