Russia Calls on OPCW Not To Allow Provocation With Chem Weapons in Idlib – Envoy

Middle East

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry warned that it had intelligence indicating that militants in the besieged terrorist-held Syrian province of Idlib had started creating footage of fake chemical attacks in an effort to discredit the Syrian government.

Russia’s permanent representative to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Alexander Shulgin, has called on the organization to not allow provocations involving the use of chemical weapons in Idlib.

“[The OPCW] must bring its weight to bear on the matter and not allow this provocation to take place,” Shulgin said, speaking to Ruptly. “A number of delegations have agreed with this view. We stressed that everything possible must be done to prevent a provocation,” the official added.

On Tuesday, the Russian military reported that it had evidence to suggest that members of the controversial White Helmets rescue group were planning to film video footage “showing ‘activists’ … ‘helping’ the residents of Jisr al-Shughur” in northwest Idlib following a fabricated attack by the Syrian Army using so-called barrel bombs filled with poisonous substances. For this purpose, the military warned, militants had brought containers filled with a chlorine-based toxic substance to the area to make the provocation seem authentic.

According to the military, all footage showing provocations involving chemical weapons use in Jisr…

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