One Million Catalans Call for Republic’s Creation at Barcelona Rally

‘Troops’ of Spanish King Enter Generalitat

National Day is celebrated annually in Catalonia in honor of events that transpired three centuries ago. The paradox is that September 11 is not the anniversary of any victory, but the date of the defeat. The last battle of the War of the Spanish Succession officially ended on September 11, 1714, with the victory of Philip V of Spain and Catalonia’s subsequent loss of its autonomy. A national day was established in 1980 by regional authorities and has been celebrated since then.

A reconstruction of these historical events could be observed in the central square, where the buildings of the Generalitat and City Hall of Barcelona are located. The “troops” of King Philip V visited the mayor’s office and then, with thundering applause from the crowd gathered in the square, went to the Generalitat.

A sign with the inscription reading “Free Political Prisoners and Exiles” in the Catalan and English languages was put on the balcony of the Generalitat, demanding that Catalan politicians, who were involved in the independence referendum on last year, be freed. Criminal cases initiated against them include charges of organizing an insurrection, insurgency and embezzlement of state funds.

Sad Day

The centrist Citizens party, having the largest faction in the Catalan parliament, which supported the territorial integrity of Spain, held their own event at around the same time. Its leaders, Albert Rivera…

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