France Ready to React in Case of Proven Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria – FM


Earlier, the Russian military said that it had evidence that militants in the besieged terrorist-held Syrian province of Idlib were preparing to stage a false flag chemical attack to discredit the Syrian government and prompt Western military intervention.

Paris and its allies are prepared to react to the use of chemical weapons in Syria, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said, speaking to French lawmakers on Wednesday.

france is prepared to react firmly together with its allies in the event of the proven use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime,” Le Drian said.

Noting that “the situation in Idlib is extremely serious,” the foreign minister said that “we are at the beginning of a humanitarian catastrophe.” 

Le Drian noted that the possibility of “war crimes cannot be excluded … once one begins to indiscriminately bomb civilian populations and hospitals.”

The French foreign minister also suggested that “the worst can be avoided” if Damascus were to “show responsibility,” adding that “france recognizes only a political solution.”

Earlier on Wednesday, the Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation warned that it had intelligence indicating that the Tanzim Hurras ad-Din* terrorist group, in coordination with the White Helmets, was preparing to use chemical weapons against children, tape the incident and blame Damascus for the crime.

According to the center, nine scenes showing the alleged…

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