Woodward Book Claims US Thought Israel was Unable to Defend Against Hezbollah

The book says the Trump administration was seriously concerned about the possibility of Hezbollah dragging the US into a “catastrophic” Middle East war.

The recently-published book entitled “Fear: Trump in the White House” says that in February 2017, early in the Trump administration, top US officials were seriously worried that israel could not defend itself against a possible attack from Hezbollah, should one ever occur. Such an incident would have had “catastrophic” consequences, the book says.

The book, by journalist Bob Woodward, cites National Security Council staffer Derek Harvey giving a briefing at some point early in Trump’s presidency. According to Harvey, Hezbollah had accumulated a whopping 150,000 rockets, a huge increase from the approximately 4,500 it had during the 2006 war with israel.

The entire combined force of Israel’s Iron Dome and David’s Sling and Arrow defense systems would not have been able to deter a full-scale missile attack, Harvey reportedly insisted.

“Hezbollah was a perfect proxy for Iran to use to pressure and attack Israel, whose air bases could be pummeled with rockets,” Woodward writes in his book. “Israel’s defenses of Iron Dome, David’s Sling and Arrow missiles would be inadequate.”

Further, Harvey reportedly cited “sensitive intelligence” saying Hezbollah had some 48,000 full-time military personnel in Lebanon, presenting “an existential threat to the Jewish state,” and the group was said to have some…

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