US Reportedly Reinforces Base in E Syria Amid Looming Idlib Offensive

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Media reports that surfaced earlier have suggested that the US has also reinforced its al-Tanf military base in southeastern Syria amid allegations that Moscow had warned Washington about planned strikes against militants in the region.

On September 10, the Fars News Agency reported that the US sent two convoys consisting of ten trucks loaded with logistics and military equipment to the country’s al-Susah base in the eastern part of Deir ez-Zor province, controlled by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). The media platform said, citing local sources that Washington had also sent another convoy consisting of 100 trucks loaded with military equipment from Iraq to unspecified Syrian territories controlled by the SDF, via the Simalka border crossing.

 US Sends Troops to its Syria Base Amid Moscow’s Alleged Attack Warnings — Report

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on September 8 that US-led coalition forces had sent vehicles containing logistical equipment and Hummers to reinforce its bases east of the Euphrates River, namely the al-Susah base. According to SOHR the move was aimed at helping in the fight against Daesh* in the region.

Task & Purpose previously reported that the US had sent over 100 US Marines to reinforce the military base in al-Tanf, Syria. Newly deployed forces will take part in live ammunition military drills, which are being conducted to demonstrate the…

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