Riff-RAF: UK Royal Navy Personnel Tasered, Arrested in US for Resisting Arrest


The UK’s ambitious defense partnership with the US state of Florida has started on the wrong foot after British military personnel were arrested on a drunken night out. The faux pas happened just hours after the British troops had reached American shores.

Six Royal Navy sailors made headlines just hours after HMS Queen Elizabeth had docked in Jacksonville, Florida. The massive 65,000-ton aircraft carrier departed Portsmouth Naval Base August 18 and arrived at the Mayport naval base September 5, when its crew members went out for a night on the town, the Telegraph reported Sunday.  

The crew arrived in the US to test run F-35B fighter jets before their scheduled deployment in 2021.  

However, things got out of hand quickly when locals reportedly saw the boisterous British sailors urinating from a pub balcony, irritating local restaurants for not tipping enough, and fighting each other in in the street.  

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Sergeant Larry Smith of the Jacksonville Beach Police Department arrested most of the British sailors for drunk and disorderly conduct, with three others for resisting arrest. One of the six was tasered for refusing to put his hands behind his back, and a female officer tasered another sailor who would not stop fighting. 

“It happens. They seem to beat the mess out of each other and knock their teeth out, but once they pick up their…

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