How to shake the fakes out of politics

When the Deep Fake technology first appeared in early 2018, it was used to put famous faces on the body of porn performers and produce reasonably convincing videos.

But some fear that Deep Fakes will soon serve a much darker agenda.

“There’s going to be a big wave of Deep Fakes coming our way,” said Fabrice Pothier, a spokesman for the Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity that was set up to combat the growing amount of interference in regional and national elections.

Backed by former US vice-president Joe Biden and a raft of former politicians and senior figures from Nato and other bodies, the commission plans to produce tools to help elections progress without interference.

One tool will target Deep Fakes – especially those made to put words in the mouths of politicians or other public figures involved with elections.

Platform patrol

Time is running out to develop such tools. said John Gibson, from ASI Data Science which has been advising the commission about ways to spot Deep Fake videos.

“It is probable to almost certain that within, say, a couple of years, basically anyone with a bit of tech smarts will be able to create highly persuasive video or audio of more or less anyone in the public domain saying or doing more or less what they want on a video and then disseminate it,” he said.

ASI was called in because of its success in making tools to automatically spot videos made by the Islamic State group being spread on social…

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