Mortar Rounds Hit Baghdad as Calls for ‘Revolution’ in Iraq Escalate

Middle East

At least 10 protesters have been shot dead since Monday, September 3, in Iraq’s Southern city of Basra, causing riots to break out in other parts of Iraq against the central government in Baghdad.

In an unprecedented attack, three mortar rounds reportedly landed in Baghdad’s heavily fortified ‘Green Zone’ on Friday, September 7, following a day of snowballing protests in the country’s restless south in what some are reportedly now calling a “revolution.”

While there have been no immediate claims for the rocket attack, Iraqi security forces suspect that protesters were responsible, according to reports.

​Reports of riots and confrontations between protesters and Iraqi security forces poured out of the southern city of Basra on Thursday, September 6, detailing scenes reminiscent of the lawlessness that animated Iraqi society following the Anglo-American invasion of 2003.

​The protesters — overwhelmingly made up of young people — set fire to a number of government buildings as well as the offices of a prominent Shiite militia that was involved with the liberation of the Northern city of Mosul from Daesh.

​Protesters then further escalated their confrontation with the central government by closing down the Umm Qasr seaport just 60 kilometres south of Basra. The port functions as the lifeline for Iraq, through which the majority of the country’s imports pass, including the…

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