Former Swedish PM Labeled ‘Traitor’ for Leaking Data on “Soviet Subs” to US


Facing a barrage of criticism, Carl Bildt rejected Swedish news reports as “disinformation,” while claiming to have acted at the behest of his now-deceased superior.

Former Prime Minister and Conservative heavyweight Carl Bildt has been found to have leaked information about alleged incursions by the Soviet Union to the US Embassy before it was even presented to the Swedish people, Swedish national broadcaster SVT revealed, citing previously classified US documents.

As a member of the so called “submarine commission” who investigated suspected violations by the Warsaw Pact countries during the Cold War, Bildt gave the US advance information about the commission’s findings in 1983.

During the early 1980s, the Cold War between East and West had deteriorated and the tension increased between the two superpowers: the Soviet Union and the United States. Sweden would remain formally neutral, although it forged extensive collaboration with the US at the start of the Cold War.

Book Reveals Sweden’s Cold War Plans to Send Troops to Finland to Offset USSR

While the commission’s report prompted Sweden’s Olof Palme-led Social Democrat government into sending a sharp protest note to the Soviet leadership, Carl Bildt stirred a domestic debate by visiting the US and meeting CIA representatives shortly after the report was presented. Bildt’s trip resulted in sharp criticism from Palme for “undermining Sweden’s foreign policy.” According…

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