‘Cancer on Steroids’: 15 Men Exposed to 9/11 Wreckage Now Have Breast Cancer


Over a dozen men who were in the vicinity of the World Trade Center after the September 11, 2001, attacks destroyed the two towers have acquired breast cancer – a statistical rarity for men, of whom only 1 percent nationwide will get the illness, the New York Post reported.

When the two 110-story World Trade Towers collapsed after terrorist-piloted airliners smashed into them on the morning of September 11, 2001, the huge pile of rubble and building debris blew an enormous cloud of dust into the sky, and the fires at Ground Zero burned for months, pouring huge amounts of dangerous chemicals used in the office buildings’ construction, as well as from the aircraft, into the city air.

“The debris pile acted like a chemical factory,” Thomas Cahill, a University of California-Davis professor emeritus of physics and atmospheric science and research professor in engineering, wrote in a 2003 study. “It cooked together the components of the buildings and their contents, including enormous numbers of computers, and gave off gases of toxic metals, acids and organics for at least six weeks.”

The New York Post first reported on September 4 that personal injury attorneys Barasch McGarry, whose law firm represents health cases associated with 9/11, has 15 male clients who came down with breast cancer following exposure to the acrid miasma produced by the towers’ immolation and collapse.

Five of the men were first…

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