Swiss to Waive Arms Export Rules Despite Risk of Arming Syria Militants – Report


A new regulation has been making its way through the Swiss Parliament despite a newspaper report that Swiss-made hand grenades were found among other equipment used by militants in Syria. A Swiss arms manufacturer suggested that the grenades could come from those that were supplied to the UAE some 15 years ago.

Two Swiss parliamentary committees have approved new legislation that would relax rules on arms exports to countries involved in internal conflicts, Reuters reported. According to the planned changes, the government will be able to grant export licenses so long as it is established that the weapons won’t be used in armed conflicts.

This runs counter to a June report by Swiss Info, which claimed that the new regulation would not apply to countries in the throes of civil war like Yemen or Syria.

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A recent report claiming that Swiss-made grenades came into the hands of Daesh* militants in Syria would unlikely sway the government’s decision to waive restrictions on arms exports, members of the Swiss People’s Party (SVP) said on Monday.

“The matter is purely emotional and has nothing to do with the easing of Swiss rules governing weapons exports,” Werner Salzmann, SVP member and president of the lower house of parliament’s security committee, told Reuters.

On Sunday, Swiss newspaper SonntagsBlick reported that members of Syrian militant group Hayat…

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