Teen From ‘Extremist Muslim’ Compound in US Says He Was Trained for Jihad – FBI


The detained group first raised suspicions after it was revealed that a woman from the compound had written a letter to a brother of her boyfriend, who had reportedly been instructing the kids in combat techniques and firearms, asking him to join them in their “martyrdom.”

A teenage boy, who was part of the five-strong group arrested at a compound deep in the New Mexico desert last month, has told the FBI that his mother’s partner was training him and his brother to conduct “jihad” against non-believers, court documents have revealed.

According to the 13 year-old, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, aged 40, gave them instructions on how to use firearms, including rapid reloads, and perform a hand-to-hand combat, expressing the intention to “get an army together.”

He separately dwelled upon alleged “exorcism” rituals his mother, Jany Leveille, and her boyfriend performed upon what they referred to as being messages from God over a 3-year-old boy, who ultimately choked and his heart stopped.

According to in-court FBI statements, the other children were told that the deceased child would come back to them reincarnated as Jesus Christ, and would consequently tell them to shoot up some school facilities. 

Defense lawyers said the people in question were exercising their constitutional right to practice their religion and possess firearms, adding the group is being discriminated against on racist grounds, as they are black and Muslim.

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