Muslim Migrants Are ‘Threat’ to European Civilization – Czech PM


Andrej Babis previously lauded the EU’s step to take a fresh look at the contentious quota system presupposing that every country should accept some concrete number of refugees from developing countries and assist them on European territory.

Illegal migration from Muslim countries of Northern Africa and the Middle East pose danger to European civilization based on Christian foundations, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis told the Prague TV channel Prima.

“We [in the Czech Republic] take illegal migration as a threat to the European civilization,” he stressed.

“We don’t want to live [in our home] like people live in Africa or the Middle East. We must stop [immigration from Muslim states]. If Frenchmen, the Dutch or Belgians want to obtain [more Daesh* supporters] than they have today, it’s up to them. ” Babis went on to address the border issue, speaking out for tightening the EU’s external borders and assisting Libyan authorities in their battle against refugees trying to relocate from Africa to Europe. He believes that the stability of the political and economic life in Libya is a key goal for the EU in its struggle against illegal migration.

“Libyan border security is very effective [in battling illegal refugees,] but there is no unified government in the country. We should do our best to see it set up there and the EU reach a similar deal  with them [to halt illegal…

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