Maritime Pre-positioning Ships Squadron Conducts Group Sail with Guam Units

Maritime Pre-positioning Ships Squadron Three successfully conducted its third multiship training exercise, Group Sail, Aug. 19-24, off the coast of Saipan, the Northern Mariana Islands and Guam.

Although this was the third Group Sail exercise, this was the first time many of the ship’s captains and their crew participated in an event of this scale. Group Sail spanned five days and included seven pre-positioning ships — USNS 1st Lt. Jack Lummus, USNS Dahl, USNS 2nd Lt. John P. Bobo, USNS John Glenn, USNS Sacagawea, USNS Pililaau and MV Capt. David I. Lyon.

The schedule focused on the skill sets necessary to ensure the safety and security of the Military Sealift Command’s assets. To improve crew proficiency, the squadron rehearsed formation steaming, emissions control drills, flashing light communications, torpedo evasion and maneuvering tactics, mine avoidance and anti-submarine tactics.

The staff had an added bonus of conducting storm-avoidance procedures as the initial schedule had to be amended due to bad weather and Typhoon Cimaron.

The training event offered the opportunity to exercise with several units in Guam. These joint exercises included the participation of Helicopter Squadron 25, Special Boat Team 12 from Naval Special Warfare Unit 1 and rigid-hulled inflatable boats from Pacific Missile Range…

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