Bolton Warned US Might Hit Syria with Greater Force Than Before – Reports


National Security Adviser John Bolton reportedly said that Washington prepared to take a strong military action against Syria if Syrian government uses chemical weapons.

According to Bloomberg’s anonymous sources, at a Thursday meeting in Geneva Bolton told Russian Secretary of the Security Council Nikolai Patrushev that America is prepared to respond with the greater force it has used in Syria before. The information came after the US officials claimed they hold information Assad might be planning a chemical weapons attack in the northwestern province of Idlib, people familiar with the discussions say.

 Bolton Holds Presser After Meeting With Russia’s Secretary of Security Council

President Trump had ordered two strikes on Syria before, following the similar circumstances since his inauguration last year and said that Assad must be punished for the alleged use of chemicals. The first air strike was conducted in April 2017, with the US reacting to the allegations of the usage of chemical weapons by the Syrian government. President Assad denied all allegations, letting the UN experts make their analysis of the incident. 

Another airstrike coordinated by the US, UK, and France military forces in April 2018 after another alleged usage of the chemical weapons were reported by the “White Helmets” humanitarian group, funded by US, UK and several other western governments.

Bloomberg’s sources…

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