Crime Rising in UK, Ending Decades-Long Trend, as Police Numbers Keep Going Down

Crime has surged in England and Wales, even as the number of police officers there diminishes, says the UK’s Office of National Statistics (ONS) report. Violent crimes including murder and bodily harm are on a particularly sharp rise, and the effectiveness of law enforcement has hit all-time low.

“After falling in recent decades, the overall level of crime is now stabilizing,” ONS says in the report released Thursday.

And the picture is dark

Attacks using knives or other sharp instruments have risen by 16 percent to 40,147 from the previous year. This is a dramatic increase compared to the much smaller 2 percent boost in gun violence, which made up 6,492 offences.

Sarah Jones, a Labour MP who has campaigned against knife crime, has already declared a “public health emergency” and warned of an “epidemic.”

Police have warned that “feral” knife attacks are becoming more brutal, with victims being stabbed and slashed multiple times, the Independent reports. This has already caused the government to crack down on deadly weapons including the so-called “zombie knives” — brightly decorated, often serrated weapons that, due to their fancy design, “help to glamorise violence,” according to the Sun.

Overall homicides, murder and manslaughter combined and mass murder incidents such as terror attacks excluded, have risen by 12 percent, with 701 incidents recorded.

Robberies have risen by 3 percent to 77,103 offences, while burglaries showed a much…

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