Trump’s ‘Betrayal’ of US Overtops Media Coverage of Talks With Putin


Donald Trump’s highly anticipated first official summit with Vladimir Putin, which came amid what Trump himself had called “the worst ever” US-Russia tensions, has made headlines across the globe. However, instead of picking apart the several key statements from the long awaited meeting, the mainstream media chose to focus on one thing only…

Donald Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin, which saw them focus on an array of international affairs, including politics, security and trade, had been dubbed by many as an important milestone, but that was before it actually happened. As the first formal face-to-face encounter between the two heads of state came to an end, it was already all over the front pages and newswires, yet for, some would say, not quite the right reasons.

Out of Spotlight

The highly anticipated talks did yield results: While the two leaders agreed upon securing Israel’s Golan Heights border with Syria in line with the 1974 ceasefire and voiced plans to increase humanitarian aid to Syrian people, it also ended in several disagreements. The most important one being the North Stream 2 pipeline project — as Donald Trump pledged America would challenge Russia on the European gas market. The two also didn’t quite agree on the issue of Crimea’s unification and the ongoing Ukrainian crisis.

Trump Says His Meeting With Putin Was Better Than NATO Summit

But for the mainstream media, the summit…

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