Putin-Trump Summit: Stabilizing the World Order


Next Monday’s first-ever formal summit between Presidents Putin and Trump will be aimed at stabilizing the world order as it undergoes an unprecedented and somewhat bumpy transition from unipolarity to multipolarity.

The two leaders have previously met on the sidelines of several other international functions but hadn’t hitherto had an entire summit dedicated to their talks, which come at a crucial time in global affairs. Russian-American relations have bottomed out at the same time as the US took the lead in sparking a so-called “trade war” with the EU and China. Previously unshakeable transatlantic ties are now under strain after Trump demanded that America’s European allies contribute more to NATO, which has weakened Western unity when taken together with the newfound trade tensions.

There are also growing concerns over the intensification of the Iranian-Israeli proxy war in Syria following the defeat of most of the terrorists there and the regional implications of the US’ unilateral withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal. Both issues are expected to figure prominently in the upcoming summit because the US understands the pivotal role that Russia could play in “restraining” Iran in Syria, or so it believes, while also acknowledging the irreplaceable “pressure valve” function that it has for the Islamic Republic in providing much-needed relief for its economy following the impending…

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