Terrorists Will Return to Syria if Iran, Russia Withdraw Troops – Tehran

Middle East

According to Iranian ex-foreign minister and Supreme Leader’s Aide Ali Akbar Velayati, Iranian and Russian troops will stay in Syria in order to guarantee that terrorists won’t continue their activity in the war-torn country.

“For four years out of seven years [of the Syrian crisis] we were helping Syria, without the help of any other country… Today, 80 percent of the Syrian territory is free from terrorists… We have to say frankly and openly that [Russian President] Vladimir Putin… and the government of Russia have made a very valuable contribution to ensuring that the legitimate government in Syria could stay in power and the people of Syria could keep their territorial integrity,” Velayati said on Friday at the session of Valdai discussion club in Moscow.

Addressing the Syrian conflict, the official also claimed, that Iranian troops would stay in Syria, as they have legitimate right to act in the region, adding that the US-led coalition was operating without permission from Damascus.

“Iran plans to continue its military presence in Syria. I believe, if we leave the country — Russia to leave it next and then the same terrorists will return back again,” Velayati stated.

These words were a response to the position of Israel, concerned by the possibility of the Iranian military presence at its borders. Addressing the issue, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday that…

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