‘Exciting, Crucial’ Time in AI Development, Official Tells Innovation Board

Artificial intelligence is a strategic priority for the Defense Department that could transform the way the department operates, the head of machine learning at the Defense Innovation Unit Experimental said yesterday.

“We are in the midst of an exciting and crucial time in the development of AI,” Brendan McCord told a meeting of the Defense Innovation Board, held at DIUx headquarters in Mountain View, California.

McCord pointed out the recent announcement of the creation of DoD’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center, or JAIC, saying it is an effort that is significant to the department and the country. “Structurally, we know that AI has the potential to be an enabling layer across nearly everything,” he said, explaining it means countless applications in daily life and could affect all areas of the department.

AI provides the opportunity for humans to “see more deeply, to act with greater precision, to be offered more choices and scenarios, offered better advice,” McCord said, adding that it “changes the nature of things.”

Affecting a Variety of Tasks

Artificial intelligence could affect the way the department does a variety of tasks, such as maintaining equipment, perceiving its environment, training and protecting its members, defending its networks, operating its back office, providing…

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