Coalition Medical Training Saves Iraqi Lives

Army Sgt. Kyle Nusbaum was teaching combat lifesaving skills to a class of Iraqi Federal Police recruits when their classroom skills actually enabled them to save lives.

A loud explosion near the classroom didn’t seem unusual, because he was teaching at a clinic near a training site. But moments later, someone rushed in with horrifying news: a gas tank had exploded, and there were casualties.

The Federal Police students met victims of the explosion in the walk-in area of the clinic and put their first-aid skills to use, applying tourniquets and evaluating the victims for more injuries. One victim arrived with partial amputations to both legs, and the students were able to stop the bleeding, stabilize with intravenous fluids, and arrange for transfer of the casualties to the 47th Combat Support Hospital at the Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center for further care.

The Italian Carabinieri, another coalition partner with an integral role in training the Federal Police, coordinated the triage and transportation of the injured personnel. The Carabinieri’s control over the chaotic situation allowed the students to help the victims.

Medical training that coalition forces provide to their Iraqi partners saves lives, and it is on track to save more. Nusbaum, a combat medic assigned to Task Force Medical 47, was able to…

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