UK Police Admit Salisbury-Amesbury Link Not Found, No Trace of Contaminated Item


In the latest development regarding the alleged poisoning in Amesbury, police said the couple could have found the container with the nerve agent right after the Skripals’ poisoning, but opened it only within the last ten days. However, the container has not been found and it’s unclear if the link between the two poisonings will ever be found.

British counter-terrorism police chief Neil Basu has admitted that detectives have thus far failed to confirm whether the toxic agent the couple from Amesbury was allegedly exposed to in late June was the same as the one that was ostensibly used against former Russian intelligence agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in March.

Speaking at a public meeting in Amesbury, Basu pointed out that he “would love to be able to say that we have identified and caught the people responsible and how we are certain there are no traces of nerve agent left anywhere in Wiltshire [county].”

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“But the brutal reality is that I cannot offer you any reassurance or guarantee at this time. At this stage we cannot say with certainty that both the incident in March and this latest incident are linked,” Basu emphasized.

Referring to ‘Novichok’, also known as the A-234 Agent, he noted that “if it is sealed in a container and it was in a landfill site it would effectively be safe because it would not be…

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