UK Nearly Doubles Forces in Afghanistan at US Behest Amid NATO Summit

The British government has revealed that it is planning to reinforce the country’s troops in the war-torn Middle East country, whose army is still struggling to counter Daesh* and Taliban* terrorists, who have claimed hundreds of victims.

Prime Minister Theresa May has announced that the UK would increase its group in Afghanistan up to 1,100 people, sending an extra 440 troops, to help the local army fight Daesh and Taliban militia. They are to participate in NATO’s Resolute Support mission, training the Afghan security forces.The troops, which would be based in the country’s capital Kabul, are not supposed to take part in active military activity, as the British forces finished combating in 2014 and have since been involved in assisting and training the local troops.

“In committing additional troops to the Train Advise Assist operation in Afghanistan, we have underlined once again that when NATO calls, the UK is among the first to answer. NATO is as vital today as it ever has been and our commitment to it remains steadfast. The Alliance can rely on the UK to lead by example,” the British head of state said, commenting on the deployment.

The UK decided to enhance its presence on NATO’s behalf in Afghanistan following Donald Trump’s deployment of thousands of extra forces in Afghanistan last year. The US President has also called on his NATO allies to do the same.

White House Expects Allies to Increase Military Presence…

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