Who Is Britain’s New Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab?


The appointment of the much younger Member for Esher and Walton to manage Britain’s exit from the European Union may signal the rise of a potential future leader.

Relative unknown MP Dominic Raab was appointed Britain’s new Secretary for Exiting the European Union in the early hours of Monday following the resignation of David Davis. Apart from his age, being just 44, Mr. Raab stands out as a possible embodiment of the compromise that Prime Minister Theresa May has to strike, having committed herself to a Hard Brexit from Europe while placating the 48 percent of the electorate who voted for Remain in the June 2016 EU Membership Referendum.

Dominic Raab is widely seen as belonging to the “Hard Brexiteer” camp of the government, thus maintaining the balance in Cabinet between the opposing “Hard” and “Soft Brexit” factions. Despite his support for a full institutional break with the continent, Mr. Raab’s constituency, Esher and Walton voted 58.4 percent to 41.6 percent to remain in the European Union.

Having supported the winning campaign but losing it in his own constituency, Mr. Raab has highlighted the need to appeal to the 48 percent of the country which supported Remain as the United Kingdom seeks a new place for itself in the world.

As well as being a Hard Brexiteer, Dominic Raab made a name for himself in his years as a junior MP as a rare critic of Britain’s anti-terrorism…

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