Trump Treats EU Like Bozos

This week, the American president joins European allies at the NATO summit in Brussels, and the gathering is expected to be a bruising one. The Europeans are fearing a drubbing from Trump over financial commitments.

Last month at the Group of Seven summit in Canada, the brash US president gave his counterparts a tongue-lashing, telling them that the NATO military alliance was obsolete due to their lack of financial support.

Holding back no punches, Trump followed up with a letter to European leaders warning if they don’t shell out more on NATO then he would consider withdrawing US troops from Europe.

Trump Schools EU NATO Allies Over Defense Spending in Tweet Ahead of Key Summit

Well, don’t you know, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron have reportedly jumped to it, to sign off on massive increases in their countries’ military budgets, in line with Trump’s demands, just ahead of his arrival in Brussels this week.

Other European states are also cranking up the military budgets out of fear of an ear-bashing from the man in the White House.

Merkel has suddenly begun talking up the importance of NATO as a defender of Europe against alleged Russian aggression.

As Deutsche Welle reported: “In her weekly podcast, the German chancellor has made the case for higher defense spending and the significance of NATO.”

So, here’s a curious contradiction. Trump is clobbering European leaders to raise…

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