Syria’s Daraa: Why is Its Liberation So Important and What Comes Next?

Middle East

The Syrian army has been conducting an offensive in Daraa province after its capital and several other cities were shelled by local militants despite an ongoing ceasefire. As a result of the offensive, several villages have been liberated from armed groups and the Syrian government has regained control over part of the Syria-Jordan border.

Why is Control of the Border so Important?

The sweeping operations that were conducted following the recent offensive by the Syrian army in the Daraa province have revealed that militants who fled the region left behind significant amounts of military equipment, weapons and ammunition. In the city of Izra alone three tanks, several armored transports, two air defense guns, 40 anti-tank missiles, rocket launchers, a number of small arms and 1,500 ammunition boxes were found.

Syrian General Nizar Ismail believes that these weapons made it into the hands of militants via the Jordanian border with Syria, with Daraa being one of the provinces that borders the kingdom. That’s why the recent operation that returned Syrian government control over the Nasib border crossing with Jordan was so important.

Syrian Army Takes Control of Nasib Border Crossing Point With Jordan

Still, significant areas of Daraa province, as well as the Syrian border with Jordan, remain under the control of armed militants. So far, the Syrian army’s advance has been facilitated by negotiations…

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