Peace Activists Say “No” to NATO’s Wars, Expansion, Military Spending (VIDEO)


Usually, it’s one of the busiest railway hubs in Belgium, but on Saturday, Brussels North was also at the crossroads of the global peace movement, as hundreds of people gathered here to protest against Trump’s visit and the NATO summit.

Just a few days ahead of the big NATO meeting, hundreds of peace activists took to the streets of the EU capital to voice their concerns. Some of them don’t like the wars waged by the alliance, its continued expansion and the increased military spending, others came to protest against all forms of discrimination based on race, gender and religion.

The majority of activists are from EU states. But instead of talking to leaders of their own countries, who will arrive in Brussels for a two-day North Atlantic Treaty Organization Summit, many of them decided to address one man – Donald Trump.

NATO Reportedly Alarmed Over Future ‘Uncoordinated’ Trump-Putin Agreements

“We are here to show Trump that he’s not welcome here today for Belgian people, for the European people” – says a man named Kasper — “We should get rid of NATO. NATO is something from the past we don’t need. We don’t need military, we don’t need bombs to bomb Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan. We need more peace in the world.”

For many peace activists the situation in the Middle East is the main concern, and Syrian, as well as Iranian flags could be seen in the crowd. Doctor Nilufar…

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