‘This Is My Country’: US Man Freaks Out at Hearing Latin Music on July 4 (VIDEO)


A California man was captured on video Wednesday verbally attacking a Hispanic family because they were playing Latin music in their backyard ahead of a city-sponsored fireworks show to celebrate the Fourth of July.

Footage of the verbal assault was recorded and shared on Facebook by Ivette Celedon, one of the family members in attendance for the festivities.

“This is my country. On Fourth of July you want to do that?” Larry Lappin, the offending neighbor, is heard saying. “This is my country. On Fourth of July you want to go against me?”

“This is Fourth of July. You want to do that and throw it in my face? Just wait motherf**ker. Don’t you do that in my country,” he added, before yelling that the family’s choice in music was a disrespect to his “f**king country.”

Lappin was also heard telling Celedon to “shut up” after she tried to intervene and deescalate the situation.

Celedon told San Francisco station KPIX 5 that she pulled out her phone after Lappin came onto her family’s property and began listing his grievances.

“My father-in-law has a speaker out back and it wasn’t that loud, especially not over their loud music that they have [at their] July 4th party every year,” Celedon told the station. “And we have never complained about them.”

Celedon also told the station that she is a third-generation Mexican-American, with family members who have served in the US military.

As for Lappin, he told the outlet that he’d been…

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