Israeli Airstrike Hits Syrian Army at Golan Heights Border

An Israeli military aircraft targeted Syrian army positions in the Golan Heights after a rogue shell fell in contested Israeli-Palestinian territory.

The airstrike hit Syrian Arab Army positions in the country’s southwestern region of Quneitra near the border with the Israeli-controlled contested territory, but did not inflict any casualties, an unnamed commander in a pro-government popular defense group told reporters.

The strike was a retaliation against an errant shell that landed east of the fence between Israeli-controlled territory and mainland Syria. According to a statement by the Israeli Defense Forces, the shell was launched during fighting between Syrian government forces and militant groups in the area.

Syrian government forces have pushed the militants to a relatively small enclave adjacent to Israeli and Jordanian territory, with the city of Daraa on the Jordanian border being their primary target. The city of Quneitra, located in the western part of the enclave, has not been the focus of the offensive recently.

However, in a statement made Friday, the Israeli military said that, while Israel is not involved in the war in Syria, it would “continue to implement the 1974 Separation of Forces Agreement that includes maintaining the buffer zone.”

The agreement is a UN-monitored armistice that forbids a military buildup on both sides of the demarcation line. However, Tel Aviv claims the right to shoot at any military target…

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