North Korean Cosmetics Firm Gains Attention From Kim’s Factory Visit

A Korean cosmetics brand came under the spotlight after North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s visit to the Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory near the China-North Korea border, and experts said that the North Korea’s cosmetics industry may gain a lot from China once the country opens up.

A search of the words “Spring Fragrance” on Little Red Book, a popular mobile platform where registered merchants and buyers advertise or recommend their favored products, finds the brand is frequently mentioned by visitors returning from North Korea.

Spring Fragrance, a North Korean cosmetics brand, is manufactured by a company called Pomhyanggi, one of Sinuiju Cosmetics’ product lines. It is known as late North Korean leader Kim Jong-il’s gift to female soldiers or artists when visiting military units or cultural performances, reported in 2015.

Its ingredient, Kaesong Koryo Insam (ginseng), a specialty of Korea, helps “retain the human body’s harmonious metabolic balance,” the Korean Friendship Association said on its website.

“The brand is a top cosmetics product in North Korea. I did not bring too much cash. Otherwise, I would have bought a dozen boxes. The tour guide said the product does not contain a corrosion remover, and the ginseng in the toner could help prevent aging,” one user said on Little Red Book.

In his visit to the cosmetics factory, Kim instructed officials to build a trendy shop for Pomhyanggi cosmetics in Pyongyang, the official Korean Central News…

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