West Point Promotes STEM Learning in South Africa

Representatives of the U.S. Military Academy promoted science, technology, engineering and mathematics learning to 70 gifted students here June 25 in partnership with the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences.

The contingent, including Samuel Ivy, a mathematics professor, and two West Point cadets, Patrick Cowan and Matthew Rivera, spent three days partnering with faculty at AIMS to promote STEM education, facilitating practical modules and fostering further confidence in learning for the African students.

The outreach event was made possible through efforts between the U.S Embassy in Pretoria, U.S Africa Command, West Point and the researchers, staff, and graduate students at AIMS South Africa.

Students were selected from Luhlaza High School and Joe Slovo Engineering High School in the Khayelitsha Township, and from the Thope Foundation and the Molomhlaba Organization — two nongovernment organizations focused on transforming the lives of young girls through education.

“We are very honored to be a part of something special,” Rivera said. “Being a cadet at West Point is an opportunity unimaginable and is something learners such as these, chosen to be here, should also be afforded.”

“Exposure and awareness of the opportunities within STEM and exposure to universities like West Point will establish future…

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