First-Ever Woman Faces Prosecution in Germany for Joining Daesh


Despite efforts to prosecute home-bound German nationals who had joined Daesh, state prosecutors haven’t yet been able to collect enough evidence to try any women for having aided the terrorists without taking part in military activity.

German national Jennifer W., who worked for the Daesh* Morality Police in Iraq, become the first woman to be prosecuted for joining the terrorists; it marked the first time the country’s investigators were able to provide enough evidence to file criminal charges. According to the spokeswoman of Germany’s Public Prosecutor General, cited by the DPA, they were able obtain an arrest warrant for the alleged Daesh accomplice which met the requirements of the Federal Supreme Court. The 27-year-old suspect has been in detention since June 30, the official statement of the Federal Court reads.

According to the announcement, Jennifer W. was arrested in Bavaria on strong suspicion that she was a member of the foreign terrorist organization Daesh; her apartment in Lower Saxony was searched.

The investigators state that Jennifer W. left her homeland, Germany, at the end of August 2014 to join Daesh terrorists. She got to Iraq via Turkey and Syria, where she served the command structures of the Daesh militia by joining the so-called morality police.

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The suspect patrolled the parks and public…

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