DoD Releases Report on Enhancing Security, Stability in Afghanistan

The Defense Department today provided to the Congress its semiannual report titled “Enhancing Security and Stability in Afghanistan.”

Covering events from Dec. 1 to May 31, the report was submitted in accordance with requirements in Section 1225 of the Fiscal 2015 National Defense Authorization Act as amended by Sections 1231 and 1531 of the fiscal 2016 and fiscal 2017 NDAAs. 

“Our purpose in Afghanistan remains to prevent Afghanistan from again becoming a safe-haven from which terrorist groups can plan and execute attacks on the United States, or our allies and citizens abroad,” officials said in a statement announcing the report’s submission. “To accomplish this, we continue to support Afghanistan and train, advise and assist its military and police forces.”

This reporting period marks the first campaign season to begin under the conditions-based South Asia Strategy announced by President Donald J. Trump in August. In February, U.S. Central Command designated Afghanistan as its main-effort mission and allocated additional combat enablers such as intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance assets; attack aviation; fire support; and medical evacuation assets to support Afghan national defense and security forces and coalition forces, officials said. 

Optimism for Political Settlement

“The assets and authorities to implement the South Asia Strategy…

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