Rough Welcome: What Awaits Trump in Britain Amid Assassination, Terror Concerns


Up to 10,000 police officers in the UK will be reportedly on duty to protect the US President Donald Trump from any threat to his life during his visit to Britain.

Elite armed forces and counter-terror police will be on alert in case of a terrorist attack, according to the Mail on Sunday. Britain is currently on SEVERE threat level, which means an attack is highly likely.

Furthermore, 40 police cars and bike riders are requested to accompany the US president to protect him from assassination attempts.

Chief constables have cancelled their rest days and told officers to prepare to be hundreds of miles away from home to help out in areas Trump is due to visit.

The cost of Operation Manifold, as it has been labelled, may raise concerns, as the UK police force has been suffering from shortage of funds. Cuts to police budgets throughout Britain have been of much debate in recent months, due to the increase in the number of violent crimes being carried out on the streets of major cities, particularly London.

 UK Labour Party Blames Conservatives for Surge in Violent Crime

Last time a US president visited the UK, it cost the taxpayers over £1,5 million (over $1,9 million).

“The total estimated cost of policing the State Visit of president [Barack] Obama was £1,668,650. £1,194, 541 of the estimated cost is an opportunity cost. This cost cannot be regarded as an addition cost to the MPS, it…

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