Ohio Army Guardsmen Hone Combat Casualty Evacuation Skills

Members of the Ohio Army National Guard practiced their ability to evacuate combat casualties during an exercise here, June 19.

Army Spc. Matthew Sell, an interior electrician with the 1194th Engineer Company, role-played a casualty with a gunshot wound through the chest and a dwindling pulse. Army Spc. Diantre Pressley, a plumber with the 1194th, provided first aid to Sell, while other soldiers provided security and suppressive fire, and radioed a medical evacuation report.

“At first I was nervous,” Pressley said. “Then it just kicked in, and I started to go through the steps of what I learned and what I needed to do.”

With time working against them, Pressley and the team peeled off Sell’s vest to get a better look at the simulated wound. The team continued to communicate their situation to Army Spc. Adam Reeder for the evacuation report, while Pressley began to execute necessary lifesaving measures.

‘There was an Exit Wound’

“I slapped a chest seal on him, and there was an exit wound. So, I put one on his back too,” Pressley said. “It’s my job to make sure he’s good until he gets [additional] medical care.”

The soldiers then hoisted Sell above their shoulders into the bed of their tactical vehicle.

“We just changed our technique,” Pressley said. “There are certain carries…

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