Afghanistan: The End of Eid Ceasefire


Our final topic, picked by you, dear listeners, earlier in a poll on our Facebook page, is “Afghanistan: The End Of The Eid Ceasefire”, focusing on what comes next in the war-torn country.

The end of the Eid ceasefire in Afghanistan returned the country to civil war, though many are hoping that the temporary cessation of hostilities between the Taliban and Kabul will be a starting point for a more sustainable future peace. The short-term truce was briefly jeopardized by two Daesh suicide bombings, but both parties to the agreement were mature enough to not overreact and continued to celebrate with one another. The footage of Taliban and Kabul troops dancing in the streets, sharing sweets, and overall just having a great time with one another showed that Russia was indeed correct in describing the conflict as a “fratricidal war” between brothers instead of the “Pakistan-supported” “war of terror” that the US Mainstream Media misportrayed it as for years already.

Regrettably for some, the Taliban rejected Kabul’s overture to extend the ceasefire beyond the Eid holidays, but the memory of what just happened all throughout Afghanistan won’t be soon forgotten. Commentators noted how friendly the two sides appeared to be with one another, and while the country is still undoubtedly in a state of civil war, it seemed for a moment that both parties’ fighters had grown tired of the…

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