U.S. Must Act Now to Maintain Military Technological Advantage, Vice Chairman Says

The United States must act or China will achieve its goal of equaling American technological prowess by 2020 and surpassing it by the 2030s, the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said here today.

Air Force Gen. Paul J. Selva said DoD is working on technologies to keep the U.S. military superior to the Chinese and stressed the need to safeguard critical technologies. He took part in a panel discussion at the Center for a New American Security’s annual conference this morning.

China has announced goals to have technological parity with the United States in the early 2020s and surpass America in the next decade, the general said. This could happen, Selva said, but it presumes the United States won’t react to the challenge.

China and Russia are doing their best to offset American capabilities in the Western Pacific and in Europe, he said. In both cases and areas, the United States must protect the nation’s greatest military advantage: the ability “to project American power when and where it is in our national interests,” Selva said.

Preventative Power Projection

If the American military fails at projecting power into situations where interests are threatened, then it fails the American people, the general said.

“This is not about trying to counter an anti-access, area denial strategy — that’s…

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