Senate Ban on F-35 Sale to Turkey Blow to Most Expensive US Jet Program – Media

Worried by Turkey’s desire to buy advanced air and missile defense systems from Russia, the US Senate has drawn up a bill that could block the planned delivery of nearly 100 F-35 fighter aircraft from the US over Ankara’s plans to buy S-400.

Turkey’s decision to buy the S-400 air defense missile systems from Russia is “sacrificing” Ankara’s plan to equip its Air Force with the fifth generation fighters, the German N-TV media outlet reported.

Unfazed by US threats, Turkey remains all set to go ahead with the purchase of S-400 from Russia.

Since Ankara was prepared to shell out around $120 million for each F-35 aircraft, the Senators’ move could deal a serious blow to the most expensive fighter development program in US history, the report says.

The US government pins high hopes on the success of its high-tech military exports which, besides creating defense industry jobs at home also boost Washington’s military cooperation with its allies.

According to the German television network, instead of boosting its air defense with Russian-made S-400 systems, Turkey would be better off buying the F-35s which were set to form the backbone of the country’s air power.

The head of NATO’s cyber defense unit, Christian-Marc Liflander earlier said that the S-400 system is not compatible with the air defense systems currently used by the alliance.

Brussels also fears that the S-400’s radar could compromise US stealth technology secrets.


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