‘Unwise’: Criticism Erupts as Norway Welcomes More US Troops, Aircraft

The plans welcomed by Oslo will increase the number of soldiers stationed on Norwegian soil, while also providing US surveillance aircraft and fighter jets with bases. Many Norwegian politicians consider this to be a violation of the established practice of keeping foreign powers from being stationed in the country during peacetime.

Representatives of the Social Left Party (SV) and the Center Party have expressed fears that with its broader military cooperation with the US the Norwegian government was relinquishing Norwegian bases to the Americans.

SV leader Audun Lysbakken, who has been complaining about cuts to the Norwegian armed forces, called the move “unwise,” national broadcaster NRK reported.

“It is sad that the government believes it is in Norway’s interest to say yes to whatever the US is asking for. The goal for Norwegian security policy must be the lowest possible tension in the North. A clear presence of strong national defense contributes to lower tension, while more American soldiers may, on the contrary, increase the tension,” Lysbakken explained, calling the current defense line “misunderstood.”

Norway Receives ‘Number of Requests’ to Host More US Troops — Defense Minister

Liv Signe Navarsete, a Center Party member of the parliament’s foreign policy and defense committee, said her party had demanded “some clear answers” from the government.

The Norwegian government is open to increased military cooperation with the US, which…

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