DPRK Reportedly Makes Money Off US, Its Allies by Selling IT Products to Them

With tensions running high on the Korean Peninsula over Seoul teaming up with Washington in last week’s military training session, an intriguing report has come to light: it states that US might have subconsciously catered to North Korea’s technological and financial zeal, despite the country still shouldering the burden of sanctions.

Having had a close look at the DPRK’s openly sourced information technology networks, researchers at California-based non-profit James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies have come to believe that the East-Asian country has been engaged in covert sales of facial recognition systems, fingerprint reading devices and other hi-tech equipment. The findings have been published in a report on the company’s website.

North Koreans appear to have traded in their electronic equipment, including virtual private networks (VPN) and encryption software through an array of front companies alongside freelancing internet subcontractors  with China, Nigeria, and Malaysia to name a few. Researchers said the list of clients featured even a reputable defense firm “in a US-allied country,” as well as presumably some US primary schools and some unspecified law enforcement agencies, which hints at the US and /or its allies unknowingly financially supporting the country it had previously imposed sanctions on following a deadlock in the North Korean nuclear debate.

One of the front companies that researchers detailed in the…

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