Israel Expels Turkish Consul in Jerusalem Amid Erdogan-Netanyahu Rift Over Gaza

Middle East

Netanyahu and Erdogan have been trading accusations over the violence in Gaza as the Israeli-Turkish relations have extremely escalated after the US embassy’s transfer to Jerusalem.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry has announced the expulsion of the Turkish consul in Jerusalem after Ankara had asked the country’s ambassador to leave. The consul was told to return to Turkey “for consultations for a period of time”.

After Netanyahu slammed the Turkish president as a “Hamas supporter” earlier in the day, the Turkish Foreign Ministry reportedly advised the Israeli envoy to Ankara to leave the country “for some time” amid the escalated tensions over the US embassy’s transfer to Jerusalem, as well as the violence in Gaza, which claimed the lives of dozens of Palestinian protesters.

Israeli Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz has slammed Turkey’s offer to the Jewish state’s ambassador as “hypocrisy.” He accused the Turkish president of being the “the biggest instigator, the henchman of the Muslim Brotherhood, the accomplice of Hamas and Iran, the most ardent supporter of terror in the world.”

“Hands in Blood”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has struck back at the Turkish president, describing him as “a person who sends thousands of Turkish soldiers to support the occupation of Northern Cyprus and invades Syria.”

“The person, whose hands are in blood of countless Kurdish victims in Turkey…

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