Germany’s Bavaria Expands Police Authority Amid Increase in Terror-Related Cases


The newly adopted state regulations give local police powers they haven’t had for over 70 years. Those in favor, including the head of Bavaria, insist that the law allows for more security, civil rights and privacy. Opposition parties claim the law to be “unconstitutional” and an “attack on freedom.”

The Bavarian State Parliament has voted for the bill empowering state police with new forces. Several amendments to the Bavarian Police Tasks Bill (PAG) have been passed with 89 votes in favor and 67 against.

The creators of the new bill state one of the major reasons for massive changes is countering terror threats, which are still regarded as being high.  One of the core novelties is replacing the concept of “concrete danger”  with “imminent danger,” which the Bavarian police need to justify monitoring someone, carry out other checks and get approval from a judge. This is supposed to let police act faster and prevent crimes.

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The preventive measures include covert investigations such as monitoring phone calls or online searches. The amendments also extend the application of DNA samples in police work to build a suspect’s profile, including such characteristics as hair, eye color or ethnic origin, although information about heredity or diseases are not allowed to be included in this profile.


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