MI5, May and Johnson Keeping Brits in the Dark

Reading the morning newspapers, the Times in particular, they were suggesting, in no uncertain terms, that the UK’s top spook, Andrew Parker, was going to really put the boot into Russia over the Skripal case and by inference provide the damning evidence that it “Woz Russia or Putin wot done it!” 

My position, unlike the British Government, has been clear from the outset, I don’t know who did it and I am certainly not saying Russia didn’t do it, I simply don’t know. However, I thought if Parker had called a press conference in Berlin, with all the symbolism that city holds, then he must be about to provide the silver bullet of proof and I would have to, not only eat humble pie but apologise to all of the people I have ridiculed over the ridiculous MSM and Government spin and narrative of these past few weeks.

However, I needn’t have worried as Parker essentially just repeated the same old narrative and vague unsubstantiated lies that it was Russia and in particular Putin to blame.

There was no new evidence. We were just meant to believe him as he is the boss of MI5. 

Sorry I would rather believe the boss of MFI! Indeed, Parker has the charisma of one of their Kitchen tops.

Was this man meant to reassure us that he was in control of the situation?

Were we also meant to swallow, hook line and sinker, that he and his team have foiled 12 Islamist terror plots this year all ready? 

Or that so-called, post-Brexit pan European…

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