From maternity leave to combat – mother in Canadian Army learns resilience

By Michelle Savage, Army Public Affairs

Gagetown, New Brunswick — Sergeant Marie-Eve Martin successfully balances her role as a Gunner in the Canadian Army with the role of motherhood, although not without occasional heart-ache.

Deployment can be difficult for any member of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF); however, parents have the particularly difficult challenge of sometimes missing their children’s milestones. Missed birthdays, dance recitals and soccer games are sacrifices soldiers regularly make as they serve their country. 

Sgt Martin understands the pain that comes from having to spend time away from her child but she recognizes that this is the military way of life.

Her own experience as a child of two military parents helped prepare her for raising a child as a CAF member. She understands the challenges associated with frequent moves and deployed parents.

Sgt Martin, who joined the Army at age 17 as a Field Artillery Soldier, is currently a  Regimental Duty Sergeant at The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery School in Gagetown, New Brunswick.

Artillery soldiers, such as herself, are part of the Combat Arms. This group also includes infantry soldiers, Combat Engineers and Armoured soldiers. Artillery soldiers’ responsibilities include surveillance, target acquisition and indirect fire to engage the enemy.

During her 19 years with the Canadian Army, Sgt Martin has gone on several deployments, something she admits became more difficult after having her…

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