Erdogan: If Cyprus Holds Ops in Mediterranean, Region to Face Security Threat


Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said that the eastern Mediterranean region will face a sustained security threat if Cyprus continues unilateral operations.

Turkey and Cyprus’s internationally recognised Greek Cypriot government have been locked in a public dispute over overlapping claims of authority for offshore oil and gas research in the region.

Turkey rejects what it says is a “unilateral” search for resources by the Cypriot government, saying that it neglects the rights of the seceded Turkish Cypriots to the island’s natural resources.

Cyprus Not Planning to Participate in Military Operations in Syria

Erdogan said that the United States had lost its role as a mediator in the Middle East by moving its israel embassy to Jerusalem.

“The United States has chosen to be a part of the problem rather than the solution with its latest step and has lost its mediating role in the peace process,” Erdogan stressed.

Erdogan Slams US, Israel for Destabilizing Situation in Syria

Israeli strikes on Iranian facilities in Syria and military assistance from the US to Kurdish formations in this country threaten peace in the Middle East, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said.

israel has already inflicted more than 50 missile strikes on Syria, provoking a new war in the region…. It is impossible to give a positive assessment of such steps. What is the purpose of these missile strikes? We cannot confirm…

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