Israel ‘Must Destroy Any Trace of Iran in Syria, Put Genie in Bottle’ – Minister

Middle East

Tensions between israel and Iran have severely escalated since Tel Aviv fired dozens of missiles at alleged Iranian positions in Syria in retaliation for a purported bombardment by Tehran.

Reacting to recent developments, Israeli security cabinet member and Housing Minister, Yoav Galant, said that the Jewish state would seek to eradicate Iran’s military presence in Syria.

“An opportunity has arisen for israel to uproot Iran from Syria, and we’ll take advantage of this opportunity, he said at a cultural event in the Tel Aviv suburb Givat Shmuel, adding that “We need to strike while the iron is hot and eradicate any trace of Iranian entrenchment in Syria. We’ll put the Iranian genie back in its bottle.”

The minister slammed the Islamic Republic as “an imperialist terrorist nation,” that has entrenched in Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon “to surround us and create a war of attrition between ourselves and the Arabs.”

At the same time, Galant suggested that Tehran has created difficulties for itself.

“The Iranian economy is in a bad state, and there’s an internal debate in Iran. Many understand that the focus on exporting terrorism and developing nuclear weapons is using up the resources of tens of millions of residents who need to live,” he said.

Earlier this week, Hadashot TV news reported, citing unnamed Israeli officials, that the security cabinet thought Iran “has…

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