‘Islamist Barbarism Sheds Blood Again’: French Gov’t Slammed After Paris Attack


Saturday night’s stabbing attack in Paris that left one person dead and several injured has prompted a massive backlash from the leaders of right-wing parties in France, who demand immediate action from the government.

Following the late night attack, the leader of National Front (FN), Marine Le Pen took to Twitter to address the government’s efforts in dealing with terrorists, suggesting their endeavors are insufficient.

“The French people will no longer be satisfied with words, they wait for actions,” she tweeted.

In her next tweet, Le Pen highlighted that france was waiting for “important information,” as regards to through which Islamist terrorist network the assailant and his family members entered the country.

TWEET: “We are now waiting for important information. Through which network did this Islamist terrorist and his family walk into our territory?”

The National Front leader later clarified that the attacker appeared to have been flagged by an “S” file, which indicates that the individual is considered to be a real threat to national security by law enforcement, although the security services failed to avert the stabbing attack.

TWEET: “We have once again learnt that the terrorist was flagged by an ‘S’ file. What is the point of using the ‘S’ file if we cannot put these time bombs out of harm’s way on French soil?”

TWEET: “And what is the use of the…

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