Indian Army Tests Air Cavalry Concept With Choppers, Tanks, Armed Troops In Rajasthan. Details Here

Indian Army recently tested the Air Cavalry concept, used by the US in Vietnam, in Rajasthan

New Delhi:  The Indian Army recently tested the military concept of an ‘Air Cavalry’ during the ‘Vijay Prahar’ exercise in the desert terrain of Rajasthan. The ‘Air Cavalry’ concept was first used by the US Army to locate and take down enemy ground forces during the Vietnam War.

The Indian Army tested the Air Cavalry concept with an aim to enhance its overall defence capabilities. The exercise, in which special forces of the army’s Sapta Shakti Command performed various manoeuvres, saw weaponised helicopters carry out combined action against the enemy in coordination with tanks and mechanised ground forces.

The Indian Army, keeping an eye on future combat preparedness, is focusing on strengthening its combative air assets by procuring more attack helicopters.

The Air Cavalry is a new concept for the Indian Army, and it is aimed at reshaping land battle by defeating the enemy with an offensive punch from the air. The concept comprises of coordinated attacks by helicopters and tanks.

“In the recently held offensive…

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