Marine Le Pen Slams Macron for ‘Illusions’ He Could’ve Changed Trump’s Mind


President Trump’s decision to walk out of the 2015 nuclear agreement with Tehran has prompted condemnation by other P5+1 members, including the EU, Russia and China.

France’s National Front head Marine Le Pen believes that  President Emmanuel Macron bears his share of responsibility” for the “illusions” he had about his ability to talk President Trump out of withdrawing from the nuclear deal with Tehran.

“I resolutely condemn the position of Donald Trump and also that of the French diplomacy which, in its attempts to be even more neo-Conservative than (US national security adviser] John Bolton, has found itself without US patronage and no alternative way to go,” Le Pen said in a statement released on Friday.

Le Pen believes that the misguided French foreign policy with regard to the United States is “putting French citizens at risk and is depriving the French economy of very lucrative markets.”

france needs real world politics and rid itself of the neo-Conservative ideology, which has led to such destructive consequences [in the Middle and Near East] and finally to start defending the interests of France,” she emphasized.

According to Le Pen, while defending the Iran nuclear deal france should also resume genuine cooperation with Iran against Islamic terrorism with Russia and Syria to prevent new terrorist attacks on French soil.

“Secondly, we should establish to post of a defense commissioner…

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